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Brite Star Tinsel - Levitating Orb Experiment

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fam-fun-feb.jpgAs seen in Family Fun Magazine! Since posting this video on YouTube, we've mailed out hundreds of batches of mylar tinsel. One 3rd grader in Texas won a 23 county science fair by testing the static charge using different widths of PVC pipe to float the orb. Go Max! If you can find Brite Star tinsel on your own, you're all set. If not, we can help out. We've got the exact same tinsel used in the video, and we'll include expanded written directions as well. You will get 1,000 strands of tinsel - that's means you can try this experiment yourself and still have enough to share with 150 of your closest friends! Once you get the orb working, post a video to let us know how it went.




Does the width of the PVC pipe affect how high the orb floats? PVC pipe comes in many different widths. You can test different width pipes to find out if they affect how high or how long the tinsel floats.


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Patrice B. sent us these photos of her sons testing out different sizes of PVC pipe for their staticibility. (We may have made up that word.)


The Mad Scientist Club in Cheshire, Ct had a great time exploring static electricity using the levitating orb. As did students at the Somers Intermediate School


Product Reviews

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  1. It worked!

    Posted by on 04 11 2016

    Tried other tinsel but didn't work. Decided to just buy Bob's and my son had a great time. Discovered that fat kiddie baseball bats work as well or better than PVC.

  2. Floating Orb??

    Posted by Unknown on 04 11 2016

    The product was fine, we just couldn't get the orb to stop sticking to the PVC pipe instead of float above it. It worked for a brief moment once, but we decided not to use this cool project as a class demonstration since we never got it to work again. :(

  3. As advertised, arrived quickly, worked perfectly!

    Posted by J Feragola on 01 21 2016

    The tinsel arrived very quickly and worked with the experiment perfectly. My son is very excited about his science fair project!

  4. I love it!!!

    Posted by Nathalie Bowen on 11 24 2015

    I am an educator in a family resource center and I just love your website for all the creative ideas you have for science since every two weeks we have a science morning. I am almost through all of the experiments with the kids and they just loved them too!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Floating Orb

    Posted by Unknown on 09 12 2015

    Arrived almost instantaneously! Fasted shipping experience I ever had. Product and experiment was as described. We needed to charge the pvc with wool in order to get the orb to float. But once we finally got it, it was so cool! In the meanwhile, we had called and left a message for Science Bob asking for some pointers to get it to float. They called back immedetiately the next business day. I can't say enough about their customer service!

  6. EPIC!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 07 20 2015

    It was AMAZE!!!!!
    It worked like a charm!!!!

  7. so fun

    Posted by Nalani on 03 20 2015

    We had to try a few times until we finally got it. We are using this for Thinking Day/Girl scouts. We have 250 girls showing up. We are using balloons instead of PVC so no one gets hit in the head.
    Our theme is women in STEM.

  8. Can it happen in Central Florida?

    Posted by Unknown on 02 06 2015

    The tinsel seemed to be fine, but we did not have success. The times we did get the orb to work was with the balloon and very rare for the pvc pipe. However, we had fun trying.

    From The SBS: Humidity does play a part in the success of the activity. Dry air works best when dealing with static electricity. Don't give up! when you have a nice dry day, give it another whirl!

  9. Coolest experiment ever

    Posted by Emanuel on 01 05 2015

    I love this. When I saw this I said I had to do this

  10. My daughter was thrilled

    Posted by Unknown on 11 01 2014

    The experiment worked perfectly once we used yarn to charge the balloon.

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