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Amazing Self-Siphoning Goo

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What if we told you that we have a kind of goo that will climb UP out of its container and into another container...it's true. When a small amount of this white powder is dissolved in water, a delightfully viscous goo is formed. This stuff has amazing properties!! It will climb a rotating rod which has been inserted into in. If you start to pour it from one beaker into another, the entire mass will siphon into the lower beaker on its own. By adding a fluorescent dye during the dissolving process, these demonstrations can be presented in the dark using an ultraviolet light for illumination! This non-toxic polymer is sometimes used for thickening cosmetics. You'll get 90 grams - enough for several liters of wonderful blue goo. Note: anhydrous alcohol, such as denatured alcohol, available in hardware stores is needed for the dissolving process.




Product Reviews

  1. up and down

    Posted by Unknown on 02 21 2015

    Hickory dickory dock, the goo went up the cup, the cup got struck the goo was done hickory dickory dock.