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Assorted Ultraviolet Color-Changing Beads

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If you've never used UV beads, you're in for a treat. And we're happy to say we've found the brightest colored beads we've ever seen. Give these otherwise boring, white beads to kids, and suggest they take them out in the sun - that's when the fun happens as the beads dramatically change into bright, bold colors! When returned indoors, they turn back to white. The secret is the invisible ultraviolet light emitted by the sun 93,000,000 miles away. (They also change with many classroom UV light sources.) Great for lessons in light, color, and pigments. Students can make their own UV light detecting bracelet by stringing the beads on a pipe cleaner or on a strip of rawhide or paracord. We'll include some instructional ideas and activities. All beads are pale, off-white in the absence of UV light. The ultraviolet beads will cycle back and forth (to bright colors and back again) over 50,000 times! Available in approximately 250 or 3000 multicolor beads per package.

All of our UV beads are the same size. Approximate bead dimensions: diameter 8.5mm (5/16") - center hole 3.6mm (9/64")





What is the relationship between a sunscreen’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and the amount of UV light it allows through? 


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UV Bead Demo (01:13)
  • UV Bead Demo
    We will be doing an experiment to determine what materials can...


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