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Bulk Film Canisters for Rockets

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film-canister-dimensions.png A little water, an Alka-Seltzer tablet, and one of our film canisters, and you've got a rocket! Our canisters are the perfect canisters to use for film canister rockets (see experiment link below). This is a highly popular and fun activity at any age level with lots of room for experimentation. These canisters have tight-fitting lids that close with an audible "snap!" The fit is tight enough to build up pressure and send the canister 12 feet high or more into the air. Great for demonstrating rocketry, the scientific method, teaching Newton's Laws, or just an unforgettable, high-flying science lesson. Of course, I suppose you could also use it for storing small items. Our new canisters are the standard size of 50mm X 30mm. Includes canisters, caps, and experiment instructions. (You provide the Alka-Seltzer/fizzing tablets.) Don't forget safety goggles when launching the rockets.





Use these film canisters to build your own film canister rockets. You can get all the instructions and experiment ideas by clicking HERE.


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Science Bob and Jimmy Kimmel Launch Over 1,000 Film Canisters (03:29)
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    In this segment from April of 2012, Science Bob used magnets, ...


Product Reviews

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  1. Great Ordering Experience

    Posted by Unknown on 02 03 2014

    My shipment came fast, and it was exactly what I wanted.

  2. Party Rockets

    Posted by Unknown on 02 02 2014

    I ordered these to make alka-seltzer rockets for my son's science themed birthday party. They worked great! Some of the rockets got up to 20 ft high. The containers are very sturdy and the cap had a tight seal. It was a fun way to end a party.

  3. Film canister rockets!

    Posted by Rocket Lady on 01 16 2014

    I absolutely love it that you had these canisters. I like to have my students make rockets out of them. They design their rocket using matallic paper and then we go outside and shoot them off. I have been doing this with them for years but always had to go around town begging for the canisters. I have not been able to do this experiment for years because nobody uses 35mm anymore. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Fun for the Kids

    Posted by Unknown on 12 09 2013

    Fast shipping. Clear and easy instructions. Hours of entertainment for the kiddos.

  5. The Best Science Experiment so far!

    Posted by Rachel on 12 08 2013

    We enjoyed using these film canisters for alka seltzer rockets for one of our homeschool community science experiments. It was a huge hit with the students! Thank you Science Bob for making this product available and providing the instructions for such a fun activity.

  6. Awesome rocket launches!

    Posted by Unknown on 07 11 2013

    Thanks Science Bob... it was a hit!

  7. Adaptive Use

    Posted by Donna Berg on 06 23 2013

    I must tell you that I did not use the film canisters as for making rockets, thought I must try this.

    My use is for making prescription bottle look-a-likes. They will have a label and be filled with M&Ms. My physician husband is retiring tomorrow and we wanted to have fun at his retirement dinner by having at each place setting. They work great. Reason for using these particular canisters = $. Cost of actual prescription bottles is more than my budget for whimsical things permits.

  8. Total Fun

    Posted by LD on 06 21 2013

    I used the same canisters with 6 different groups of children who each shot the "rocket" up at least twice. And still able to get more use out of them with other projects!

  9. Did what i wanted

    Posted by Unknown on 06 05 2013

    The canisters worked fine. None leaked, but the students had trouble for sealing but that is student's coordination issue.

  10. film canister rockets

    Posted by Melissa on 06 04 2013

    We made rockets out of the films canisters. We had a "kids lab experiment" activity and they LOVED IT!! We will definately be doing this activity again.

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