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Dissolving Paper

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Imagine writing a note or a class handout with the instructions, "Place In Water After Reading." To everyone's surprise the paper will dissolve in the water! This is real paper that can be written on and used in most copiers and printers. The secret lies in the fact that the paper is made of Sodium Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (no, really, we didn't make that up.) It dissolves in cold water, hot water, steam, and most aqueous solutions. It's the perfect writing surface for secret agents, and a great way to teach about biodegradable products for waste reduction since this paper is non-toxic and environmentally safe. We recently ran a sheet of this through a color laser printer - when we put it in water and gave it a stir, the paper dissolved but the printing did not - we had a glass full of floating letters! You will get standard 8.5 x 11 inch (21.5 x 28 cm) sheets of paper. Available in packs of 15, 30, or 100 sheets. Send us a note and let us know how YOU used the dissolving paper.


Product Reviews

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  1. Fantastic Product

    Posted by Daphne V Smith on 02 06 2015

    The dissolving paper made a tremendous impact on the exercise we planned. I will use this product again and again.

  2. The greatest

    Posted by Crystal on 08 28 2014

    I purchased this paper for it's dissolving capabilities. It did exactly what I needed for it to do. I am lucky to have found a place to purchase such a product.

  3. dissolving paper

    Posted by Lynne on 07 25 2014

    as a ministry, we use the paper to write our mistakes and put them in water to dissolve what is written..then we get to start over in life!

  4. great product

    Posted by Laurie on 02 28 2014

    I used this to have our confirmation kids write down something wrong they had done, and then we watched it dissolve in the waters of baptism. It worked great. It left the water a little murky, but it was still effective

  5. Dissolving Paper works well

    Posted by Mg on 01 21 2014

    We used it at a middle school church retreat with the youth writing on the sheets then dissolving them in the water. It worked well and was profoundly spiritually releasing for some. The water was a little murky when done, but everything was gone.

  6. Water dissoving paper for quilting!

    Posted by Vida B. on 11 18 2013

    I use this when making quilts that need perfect alignment. It is great and sooooo much cheaper here than buying through a quilting store! Super fast shipping and great rates will keep me coming back.

  7. It works ...just not like I thought

    Posted by Deacon Rick on 11 05 2013

    This product is wonderful for a small group use. I had a relatively large group of kids (36) and had the sheets cut into smaller pieces. Each participant wrote the name of someone on the paper and then placed it in the water. They dissolved but we had a cloudy mess and I had another vision of what would happen. It worked, just not like I had envisioned for the event.

  8. Words of Good-Bye

    Posted by Unknown on 07 22 2013

    I purchased this paper for a special remembrance ceremony where my family gathered to scatter my mother's ashes. We wrote our words of good-bye to my mother on this paper and then we each tossed our letter in the river with her ashes. The paper worked perfectly and instantly dissolved! Thank you.

  9. Watching our cares and concerns disappear

    Posted by Unknown on 06 28 2013

    At evening prayer services and grief groups we use this paper during a quiet, thoughtful time. Writing 'whatever' the concern is disappears when it placed in the water. The action reminds us of how God lifts our cares and guilts off of our shoulders when we give them to Him.

  10. So many uses

    Posted by Pastor Ryan on 05 21 2013

    The paper is wonderful. We have used it in Sunday School, Maundy Thursday worship services, healing services, Confirmation, and youth group. It quickly dissolves. Thank you! And much cheaper here than anywhere else.

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