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Drinking Bird - A Classic

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Every science enthusiast should have a drinking bird on a shelf somewhere. Simply wet its head and put a glass of water nearby for its beak to dip into. The bird will tip down, "drink", and then tip up. This happens over and over again. It works because the wet head evaporates water, which removes heat and causes a change in pressure. The liquid (Methylene Chloride) moves into the upper chamber. When enough liquid reaches the top, its center of gravity changes and the bird tips down, absorbs water, and the whole process starts again. It's a great way to teach the connection between heat, pressure, and evaporation. Includes explanation of how the Drinking Bird works. CAUTION:The Drinking Bird is made of glass and contains a flammable liquid - not for use by children without close adult supervision. Sold individually.




Does humidity affect the Drinking Bird? Try setting the drinking bird in a dry space and count how many times per minute it drinks. Then place the drinking bird on a wet towel and cover with an upside down aquarium. Count the drinks again after several minutes to see if it is affected by humidity in the air. Does the temperature of the water affect how fast the bird drinks? Let us know what you find out!


Product Reviews

  1. Entertaining

    Posted by Denise Lewis on 08 01 2014

    My mom had one of these when I was a kid & I haven't seen one since. I ordered 3 from Science Bob. They are fun to just watch, the grand kids love them too. Keep the water full and it just goes & goes. Super cool!

  2. A True Classic

    Posted by Ray on 07 28 2014

    Fascinating. Have not seen one in decades. It is mesmerizing to watch and can be used to explain scientific principles in a fun way

  3. Love this

    Posted by Leigh on 06 10 2013

    Drinking bird is like a computer emoticon but way better because it is on your table/desk, not your screen. Fascinating for any age.

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