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Dropper Poppers

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We've discovered that Dropper Poppers are a bit addictive. Simply turn the rubber half-sphere inside out and drop it on the ground. The popper hits the ground and jumps back over 5 feet high! While this may have been designed as a toy, it is also a great example of potential and kinetic energy at work. We've tried other similar poppers, and these are by far the best. Measures 2 inches (5 cm) across. For ages 6 and up. Color may vary.

Note: Please store your poppers in a cool, dry place in their original (non-activated) shape. If stored in activation mode, the rubber will stretch and the popper's effectiveness will be reduced.



Dropper Poppers jump into the air by releasing energy toward the surface they are dropped on. You can test to see what surfaces absorb the most energy. Drop the popper from a set height to see how high it bounces back - the higher it bounces, the more energy remains in the popper. If it does not jump high, then the energy is absorbed in the surface it hits. Test on tile, different heights of carpet, grass, loose and packed dirt, sand, etc.



Product Reviews

  1. jumps high

    Posted by Unknown on 06 27 2013

    The popper jumps really good, just watch your head and don't get it in the way of the popper on the way up.

  2. Super cool and a game too!

    Posted by Unknown on 12 27 2012

    Kids and adults love it!