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Energy Ball

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At first it looks a bit like a ping-pong ball with with two small metal strips on it. But when you touch both strips at the same time, the ball begins to flash and make a cool, somewhat spooky, sound. The best part is that it works because humans conduct electricity. The sweat in your body reacts with the metal to create an electrical current. Try it with three people, 20 people, more? Teaches about circuits, electrical conductivity, and chemical reactions to trigger a flow of electricity. For ages 6 and up.




How many people can conduct electricity to power the Energy Ball? To experiment, hold hands with a friend and then have each of you touch a metal strip on the energy ball with your other hands. The harmless electricity is flowing through both of you as the ball lights up. Now try it with three people, 10 people, 20 people, more? Let us know what you find out!


Product Reviews

  1. Great Visual for Collaboration!

    Posted by Paige Malven on 10 11 2016

    In a group of about 40ish faculty, our presentation group wanted to show that we need to work together for success of our students Pre-K - 12th grade. We held hands and then the ball went off. One of the leaders broke the chain and explained that success will only come when we work as one cohesive group. Many oo's and aah's!! Great visual!!

  2. Love Energy Balls

    Posted by Unknown on 09 04 2016

    Great teaching tool

  3. Easy to use

    Posted by Unknown on 08 14 2016

    Kids thought this was very fascinating. Glad it was very simple.


    Posted by Unknown on 06 06 2016

    Perfect way to introduce the scientific method and circuits

  5. A true kid attractor

    Posted by Dr. Barbara on 07 12 2014

    I used these at my check-in table for science camp. Nearly every kid picked them up and played with them. I asked them "how do you think it works?" After our afternoon working with electrical circuits, they had better answers. :-)

  6. it's electrifying

    Posted by Unknown on 01 01 2014

    this is always a great addition to working with circuits. When you can "hook up" as many as 50 people, they're always amazed. can be used for conductivity, etc.