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Glo Germ Gel Lotion

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If you've never tried Glo-Germ with your kids, you are missing out on a great school or home activity (see below). Glo-Germ is a lotion that glows a bright blue/white under ultra-violet light. Widely used for teaching proper hand washing and demonstrating how germs and viruses can be spread. One 8 ounce bottle is good for 75-100 applications. Non-toxic. For ages 5 and up with adult supervision.


Teachers have shared with us that they put a bit of the lotion into student's hands as they enter the classroom but they don't tell them yet what the lotion is. After about 30 minutes of daily activity, they shut off the lights in the room and power up a blacklight. (We sell 'em if you need one.) The students will be amazed as their hands glow under the blacklight. They will also immediately notice how objects that they touched also glow. Then teachers challenge their students to wash off the lotion. When they return from hand washing, they can see just how well they did by powering up the blacklight again. A great demonstration of proper hand-washing technique and of how germs are spread.


Product Reviews

  1. Great for handwashing

    Posted by Mrs. B on 03 13 2013

    The kids had a great time with this activity. It definitely showed how washing technique can be more important than the amount of time spent washing (We also learned which 2nd graders we might not want to shake hands with at the end of the day.)

  2. Works really well for teaching handwashing

    Posted by Cathy on 08 24 2011

    We used the Glow Germ to show students where they might miss cleaning when washing their hands. Many were surprised by how much they missed. The darker you can get the room, the better the effect.