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Growing Jelly Cubes

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If you like our growing polymer spheres, you'll definitely enjoy these cubes. Just place these 6 mm (0.25") polymer cubes into water and leave them overnight. In the morning, it will seem as though they disappeared, yet they actually got bigger! Reach in the water to discover that they are now about 3 cm wide! (1.25"). They not only look just like perfectly square ice cubes, wait until you feel how incredibly slippery and smooth they are. You'll get 50 grams (that's 100 cubes!) Oh sure, they're fun to play with and explore, but there are some great opportunities for learning here as well. Discover light diffraction and polymers, make math and science connections as you try to figure out:

  • How much does the volume of the cube increase?
  • How much does the surface area of the cube increase?
  • How many times larger does the cube become?
  • Will cubes return to their original size if left to dry?
  • Can adding cubes to potted plants help soil retain moisture?



Product Reviews

  1. Adults love them too!

    Posted by Ann on 09 06 2015

    I have ordered these before and everyone who sees them loves them! They are great for science experiments and just plain fun to play with. I used them when I taught polymers and my classes loved them. This is also the best price I've ever gotten.