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Hand Boiler

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The hand boiler is a classic science demonstration that has entertained science enthusiasts for decades. It is comprised of two glass spheres connected by a narrow glass tube. When you wrap your hand around the lower sphere, the liquid begins to travel to the upper sphere and then bubble and "boil". The effect is the result of vapor pressure created from the warmth of your hand. (The ethanol liquid inside does not actually boil.) It is a great way to teach about temperature, vapor pressure, even condensation.  Each hand boiler measures 6.5 inches (14 cm) tall. Hand boilers are made of glass and contain a flammable liquid - not for use with younger children. Sold individually. Color and styles vary.


Product Reviews

  1. Kids love this!

    Posted by Unknown on 08 14 2016

    Great gadget!

  2. Fascinating chemistry

    Posted by Debbie, NZ on 07 23 2015

    This hand boiler has been a source of fascination for many - an interesting talking point as children and adults try to figure out how it works!

  3. FUn little toy

    Posted by Unknown on 12 27 2012

    It is a little smaller than I thought it would be, but it is still a clever little toy and is a good demonstration of physics. All the kids love playing with it.

  4. Cool product

    Posted by Unknown on 08 09 2012

    Fun to teach with and play with.