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Hydrophobic Magic Sand - One Pound

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So here's how it works...take a scoop of our seemingly regular, colorful "magic" sand and pour it into a bowl of water. You will notice it takes on a strange shape inside the water. Then reach in and lift out some of the sand, and you will discover the sand is completely dry! How is this possible? The sand in coated in a special "hydrophobic" coating that repels water. Teachers have used this to demonstrate hydrophobic qualities similar to how water and oil do not mix. Magicians have used magic sand to demonstrate their ability change the nature of water. Whatever you use it for, you should have fun making shapes under water and amazing your friends with your supernatural powers. Comes in a 1 lb. bag in green, blue, or pink. For ages 6 and up with adult supervision.


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Hydrophobic Sand that don't get wet!!! (00:27)
  • Hydrophobic Sa...
    Check this sand out which don't ever get wet! Weird!!!


Product Reviews

  1. Very weird but cool stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 02 10 2017

    I found this stuff very weird but cool
    once I had used it a bit it looked dry sand but when you touched it it felt wet this was because lots of small bits of water have collected in the sand.
    You can make models with the sand underwater.
    I liked getting a tray and making water dams using syringes to suck water out of one side of the dam.
    Then the dam leaks and you have to start again.
    also if you're careful you can make little islands with the sand. 4 stars because the islands soooo easyily sink.

  2. Magic Sand

    Posted by Mary Miraglia on 03 16 2015

    Well Thursday night is my grandsons Science Fair at school He is happy and excited to do the experiment and give a little history on how hydrophobic sand came about The product is great thanx

  3. Great fun!

    Posted by LaDonna on 01 30 2015

    My science classes have enjoyed this sand! In a clear acrylic cup, with a plastic sand, they sculpt and stack, tear it down, do it all again! Strain it back into their containers and its ready for the next play time! Great to teach hydrophobic properties!