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Medium Owl Pellets

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Dissecting owl pellets is one of our favorite science lessons of all. Owl pellets contain the bones and fur of the animals that the owl eats. After a night of feeding, the owl will spit up a pellet. (No, they are not owl droppings.) Science Bob has dissected thousands of owl pellets with students over the years and he searched for months to find a supplier of natural pellets that consistently contain a good amount of bones for students to uncover. Each pellet measures 1.5-2 inches (4-5 cm) and each is heat sterilized and individually wrapped in foil. We even have our own bone identification and information sheet that you are free to copy. Download the chart (in PDF format) for FREE by clicking HERE. Pellets are great for teaching about food chains & webs, birds of prey, and bone identification. 

Optional 4 inch wooden probes are available for just 5 cents each.



Product Reviews

  1. Nana Rocks

    Posted by Marcia on 08 17 2017

    As a retired teacher, I love Science Bob!! We live on a farm, and my grandkids were visiting. We opened a couple of pellets and identified the bones using the sheet that I printed off. I had magnifying glasses and rubber gloves on hand. The pictures and a sample of the bones is going into their scrapbook.