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Nutrient Agar Powder

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Product Info

We got some calls from customers asking if they could just purchase agar for their bacteria growing endeavors. We said, “Sure!” This jar contains 25 grams of quality lab-grade nutrient agar. That’s enough to make a liter of agar solution which means you can fill 30 of our large Petri dishes. Let the bacteria growing begin! Includes instructions for preparation.

What to do with my cultures when I am finished with my experiment?

  • When your experiment is complete, always dispose of your cultures properly.
  • Always destroy the microorganisms before disposing of dishes in the trash.
  • Have an adult pour a small amount of a strong disinfectant such as household bleach over the colonies while holding the Petri dish over a sink.
  • Caution - never allow any strong disinfectant such as bleach touch your skin, eyes or clothes. It may burn! Always get help from an adult.

Product Reviews

  1. Grew bacteria quickly

    Posted by Maggie on 02 02 2017

    The nutrient agar in my daughter's science kit (purchased elsewhere) did not grow any bacteria! I had purchased this product from Science Bob in case she needed extra and it turns out she needed it to save her science fair experiment! It was easy to mix and the Petri dishes started growing bacteria after only a few days! I'm very pleased with this product !