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Pet Tornado

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Observe a miniature version of one of nature's most destructive forces safely in the palm of your hand. Simply spin the Pet Tornado clockwise and watch a mini tornado funnel form before your eyes. The vortex forms and fades just like a real tornado. Can you figure out why is it forming? What is the purpose of the fluid and what is the purpose of small particles in the tube? Impress your students and friends with this unique desktop demo! Measures approximately 4.5" X 2" (11.5 X 4.5 cm). Information on the back describes the Fujita tornado scale. For ages 7 and up.



Product Reviews

  1. Tornado in a can

    Posted by Unknown on 12 29 2014

    very interesting idea - simple but good

  2. Great Model

    Posted by C. Jones on 06 10 2012

    This is a great model to show how a tornado is formed. Kids can change the force or direction of the spin and watch the effects.