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Break Your Own Geodes - 4 Sizes

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Breaking geodes is a wonderful way for students to explore rocks, minerals, and crystals. We've got them available in 4 handy sizes:

  • Small - Approx. 1-2 inches wide (3-4 cm)
  • Medium - Approx. 2-2.5 inches wide (4-6 cm)
  • Jumbo - Approx. 2.5-3.5 inches wide (6-8 cm)
  • Ginormous - Approx. 3.5 inches or greater wide (>8 cm)

Small, and medium geodes are easily broken with a hammer, and over 90% contain a hollow center with sparkly crystals within. Simply place the geode in an old sock or cloth and tap them with a hammer until they crack open to reveal the crystal structure inside. Large geodes should only be broken by adults. Safety Glasses should be worn at all times. Each geode includes an information sheet and instructions. Sold individually.

REMEMBER: Since lots of geodes can get heavy, take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on orders $99+.



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customer_geode.jpgCUSTOMER PHOTO:
Mellissa P. writes," Starting this year, my son’s school no longer allows for parents to bring in birthday treats on their child’s birthday due to food allergies and health concerns. His second grade class was in the midst of studying geology and starting rock collections at school, so we decided to bring in the Break-Your-Own-Geodes as a surprise. What a huge success!!"








customer_geode.jpgCUSTOMER PHOTO:
Here is one of our geodes that we broke. Each had beautiful crystals. Thanks for such a wonderful experience - our kids loved it!


Product Reviews


    Posted by Jess D on 01 08 2014

    Our 9 year old son just loved these. A fun activity and the excitement of wondering what the inside will look like once you crack it open. Putting the geode in an old sock and letting him hammer away was a good way to keep all the little bits from flying around.

  2. kids liked them

    Posted by Unknown on 06 27 2013

    The geodes were a big hit with the kids. The only problem I had was getting them to just crack the geodes and not smash them to bits.

  3. Great fun!

    Posted by Mia on 08 12 2012

    These were the cheapest we could fin these and they were actually bigger than the cheaper ones. All of them had some kind of crystals inside, and most were very easy to break for 9-10 year olds. Good for studying rock and minerals.

  4. Best Gift

    Posted by Leonore Gualano on 06 10 2012

    I bought these for my kids at the end of this year. They absolutely loved them. We will buy more in the future for my next class.