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Instant Snow 1 Pound Jar

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Need A LOT of fake snow? This one pound container will make 8 GALLONS of fluffy fake snow. It's an amazing science demo or holiday effect. Just add water to a small amount of this polymer powder, and it instantly expands to create loads of fluffy fake snow. Over time the water in the snow will evaporate, and you can do the experiment all over again. Perfect for science experiments to determine the best amount of water to add, or see which liquids expand the snow and which ones do not. Includes powder and instructions.



Product Reviews

  1. One Word AWESOME

    Posted by Unknown on 03 19 2013

    What an experience especially if you are living in a place where there is no snow. My son said this is "sick" which at his age is the new "awesome". Thanks again, for another great, well priced item.

  2. Snow at Christmas!

    Posted by Cindy Tolliver on 10 16 2012

    We live in Louisiana. Not the best place to see snow at Christmas time!!
    But NOW, my students can experience the true snow effect in class this December before Christmas break.