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Water Absorbing Polymer

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Just a spoonful of this powder can absorb an entire cup of water and turn it into a firm slush. It's perfect for science demonstrations, science fairs, and magic tricks. It can also be added to soil in potted plants to help the soil retain moisture.

4 ounce package (about 113 grams) will absorb many cups of water.

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Can polymers help plants grow? Add different amounts of Water Gel to soil and then plant grass seed in the soil. Water them all the same amount and then let them grow without any adding any more water. Does the soil with Water Gel help the soil stay moist and help the plant grow? Let us know what you find out!


Product Reviews

  1. Fabulous Magic

    Posted by Emily on 06 20 2013

    Kids loved experimenting with this product. We used variations with whole and small group learning.

  2. My students were amazed at my magic!

    Posted by Cindy Tolliver Biology Teacher on 08 14 2012

    I used the vanishing water trick to introduce observation skills to my Biology Classes... they were dumbfounded. I LOVE THAT!

    I never told them how I did it though!

  3. It works

    Posted by Unknown on 02 26 2012

    This is the product i won First place of my whole entire school. It does actually work, all of my class and teachers, even principal were amazed.