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Rocket Balloons

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Product Info

Every time we bring these out to show students, they always say, "I love these things!" These long balloons can be easily inflated using the included pump. Then let them go and they will fly around in an unpredictable pattern while making a sound that is bound to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of people. Of course, it also demonstrates Newton's Third Law and real rocket science. 


"My kids absolutely loved the rocket balloons. After blowing them up, just let them go and they will squeal and travel all over the place, dipping and diving and making for a fun time with the kids. This ranks right up there with blowing bubbles." - Katrena, Piedmont, NC via viewpoints.com


Product Reviews

  1. Tons of fun!

    Posted by Unknown on 04 19 2017

    My daughters ages 6 and 8 had a blast with these.

  2. good but with flaws

    Posted by Unknown on 01 01 2014

    no matter who I get them from, there are always some of the balloons that have holes....disappointing. I like the product for the ability to compare "reaction" flight paths to round balloons. Can also use in sound as comparison: why different shapes make different release sounds.

  3. works great

    Posted by Unknown on 06 27 2013

    The kids have ballons flying everywhere all the time. They love to see them fly and squeal.