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Spinning Euler's Disk

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This is one of those great science items that must be seen to be appreciated. (see videos below) Give the Euler's (pronounced "oiler's") Disk a spin and observe the hypnotic display of light and continually changing sound. The disk will begin spinning, and continue to spin for well over a minute as it slowly transforms gravitational potential energy into kinetic movement. The real treat comes at the very end as the disk creates a distinct buzz as its speed seems to increase. The concave mirror base provides an ideal reflective surface to see the visual effects. Amazing to use in a darkened room with a flashlight or laser.

The Euler's Disk was invented by Joseph Bendik in the 1980s, while he was working for an aerospace firm in California, and spinning coins on the cafeteria table. He named it after Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician and physicist who lived from 1707 to 1783, and who did some of the pioneering work on spinning and rolling objects.

Includes several magnetic holographic inserts which allow you to create your own disk design. 7.5 cm dia. disk, 20 cm dia. mirror.


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My Euler's Disc 2 (01:50)
  • My Euler's Disc 2
    It wobbles faster than it spins, and its spinning speed decrea...


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