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Super Slime Classroom Kit

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Announce a "Slime Day" for your students and you're quickly on your way to teacher fame! Great for birthday parties and scout groups too. This kit comes with everything you need to make 32 2 oz. (64 ml) batches of perfect slime. Choose between mixing with the included stick, or use the cups and lids to shake up your slime mix to perfection. An added preservative also helps the slime last longer. Our slime is designed for learning and fun and it can be picked up, slowly stretched to over 4 feet, and can even be rolled into a ball. Students will learn about states of matter including liquids and polymers. Then they can take their slime home in the included labeled containers. For ages 6 and up with adult supervision.

IMPORTANT COLD WEATHER SHIPPING: Our slime making chemicals can be affected if they are left out in sub-freezing temperatures. Please choose a shipping location that can accept your order when it arrives.


  • 64 oz (2 Liters) PVA slime mix
  • Slime activator
  • 32 Mixing/Storage cups with lids
  • 32 Measuring cups
  • 2 Measuring beakers
  • 32 Stirring sticks
  • Instructions & activities guide
We get letters...
"Definitely the best thing my six-year old has ever made with chemicals."
"They loved it, a great learning experience."
"As teachers, we liked the ease of use, the clear instructions, and the fact that everything we needed was included."
"Thank you for such a memorable lesson! One of our students commented, 'This is the best science class, ever!'"

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Larissa from San Diego used our Slime Kits and mixed in some Glow-Bright Concentrate to make it glow under a blacklight. She writes, "We had a great "mad science" Halloween party for my daughter's 5th grade class thanks to your products.  The slime was a huge hit!"

Product Reviews

  1. Keeps my daughter busy!

    Posted by Future Chemist's Mom on 07 13 2016

    Great easy to use kit, my daughter couldn't wait to make her slime everyday after school (after homework!). It can get quite messy so might want to make sure that their "work station" is properly covered

  2. The kids loved this!

    Posted by S. Brown on 02 08 2014

    I bought classroom kit for a birthday party and the children thoroughly enjoyed making their own slime! It was a HUGE hit! Will definitely buy this item again.

  3. Gooey Fun

    Posted by ITeachFifth on 08 12 2012

    We used the Classroom Slime Kit for a lesson about the states of matter and polymers. The instructions were clear and the process was fun and easy. We will do this again for sure.

  4. Great for birthday parties

    Posted by Denise on 07 23 2012

    We used this slime kit with a group of 9 year old girls at a science themed birthday party. They have a lot of fun mixing and playing with the slime. Thumbs up

  5. Fun activity for a party

    Posted by Mr. Bradford on 09 22 2011

    We use the classroom slime kit each year during our Halloween Science Party. The kids really enjoy it. It can be a bit sticky right after mixing, but after a minute or so our 3rd graders can stretch the slime as wide as they can stretch their arms.