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Tornado Tube

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tornado-tube-full.jpgThere are not many items in our product room that get as much use as the classic Tornado Tube. Just fill a plastic soda bottle (you supply) 2/3 full with water and connect it to the tornado tube. Then connect another bottle, and you're ready to go. A quick flip of the bottle and a little swirling motion and you have created your own water vortex. Add glitter or food coloring for a more dramatic swirl. Here at Science Bob Store, Tornado Tube races are also popular. For ages 4 and up.

TORNADO TIP: To keep bottles from bending or getting dented, use carbonated water (seltzer) when filling the bottles. The pressure from the carbonation helps the bottles keep their shape.



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Tornado Tube (05:49)
  • Tornado Tube
    Created on January 11, 2011 using FlipShare.


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Kyndale and her three children explored the Tornado Tube
while trying out a little Summer science.


Product Reviews

  1. great product

    Posted by Unknown on 10 09 2017

    Used the tornado tube in Sunday School for the lesson on Jesus calming the storm. Kids wanted to make a tornado over and over of every color.

  2. very awsome

    Posted by Unknown on 02 10 2017

    The record for fasted amount of time to get it the water from one bottle to the other is 10 seconds and the record for slowest time is about 5 minutes. see if you can beat that.

  3. tornado tube (said with loud voice)

    Posted by Kelly on 11 18 2014

    So fun! 5 & 11 year old boys enjoyed putting different stuff inside the tornado..very entertaining

  4. Easy and Fun

    Posted by Unknown on 06 06 2012

    Used these during a Webelos Campout actitive (10 & 11 yr olds) The boys loved them. We had them filled with different colored water to add to the look of our Scientist Station.

    Service from Science Bob's was great!!