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Turing Tumble

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With Turing Tumble, students can build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic problems. It's a mesmerizing opportunity to "peek under the hood" and discover how computers work. It is hands-on, fun, easy to learn, and suitable for anyone age 8 and above. Best of all, the logic is all right there in plain sight - no coding syntax, smart phones or tablets required! Perfect for learning engineering and computer science concepts.

Turing Tumble comes with a board, marbles, 61 repositionable gears and switches, and a full-color 100+ page comic book that weaves 60 clever puzzles into an illustrated story about a space engineer stranded on a desolate planet. We find that kids ages 8-12 are able to get through the first 20-30 puzzles. Adults get addicted by puzzle 27, and their minds are blown by puzzle 35. Younger kids enjoy the first 10 and building their own computers.

"Turing Tumble has actually made me a better programmer...it is challenging, rewarding...and just really, really fun. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is the most ingenious, creative, clever puzzle I've ever seen." - Stephen Hall, game reviewer.


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Turing Tumble | Build Mechanical Computers Powered by Marbles (01:16)
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    The new toy that lets kids build mechanical computers powered ...


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